Online Bachelor in Religion Degree Programs

Online bachelor in religion and religious studies program focuses not on Christianity or Bible study alone, but involves a secular study of all kinds of religions as well as more holistic options.

Key themes include the views of religion in regards to morality and day-to-day life, culture, faith-based belief systems as well as how religion can be used to effect positive change.

While different online colleges offer different bachelor of religion specializations, coursework for most bachelor in religious studies degree programs include exploration and study of the major religions including Hindu, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and study of various cultures. Like other social sciences, focus is made on how these belief systems impact global economies, cultures and others.

But a large part of many religious studies online degree programs involve working with populations and counseling people and their needs. Many Christian Studies programs lead to positions in Christian ministry, which requires a background in theology, social work and other aspects of Christian studies.

Featured Online Universities offering Bachelors in Religion

Grand Canyon University

  • BA in Christian Studies
  • B.A. in Christian Studies with a concentration in Youth Ministry
  • B.A. in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies

Liberty University

  • Bachelor of Science in Religion

Job Options

A bachelor degree in religion forms the foundation for many different careers. Less common examples of jobs for those with an online religious studies bachelor degree include social work, cultural researchers and employees of non-governmental organizations who use Christian outreach to help those in need. Because the program is much like many liberal arts programs, other fields are also open for those who can develop critical thinking skills, including writers and teachers. That does not include ministers, priests and other religious figures that often require additional training before they can practice.

Career Outlook and Salary Range

Those who use their religious studies degree to proselytize and evangelize are looking for non-financial rewards, with an average salary for ministers about $30,000. However, professors can make more than $50,000 at the post-secondary teaching level, while teachers at religious institutions can make from $30,000 to $60,000 or more depending on experience. Those in fields like business or writing can make a variety of salaries, ranging from $30,000 for entry-level writers to $50,000 or more for business professionals.

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