Online Bachelor of Legal Studies Programs

The online bachelor of legal studies degree programs offered at most schools offer a primer for students who want to learn about the fundamentals of legal work, with a desire to enter or increase credentials for the legal profession.

Students will be expected to learn about the legal system, how to research and prepare cases, how to put together documentation for a new court case, and more. In general, they will learn about the philosophy of different types of law and how they are practiced, and what techniques they need to learn in order to assist attorneys, judges and other legal professionals.

Bachelors in legal studies coursework may be intertwined with paralegal degree programs at some schools. In both cases, students learn about the social sciences and how they impact legal developments. Courses on legal research and writing as it involves criminal and civil law are generally required, as are those in bankruptcy, contracts law and finance. Electives vary, and are designed to help students learn what areas of law interest them the most. Some examples are environmental law and e-commerce as well as intellectual property and patent law. They also learn how to operate within a courtroom, archives and other areas of need.

Featured Online Bachelor of Legal Studies Colleges & Universities

Kaplan University

  • Bachelor's in Legal Studies
  • Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies

Strayer University

  • Bachelors (BBA) in Legal Studies

Post University

  • Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Virginia College

  • Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies

Job Options

Bachelors in legal studies online degree opens up a number of doors without any further certifications or education. This can include working as a clerk for local municipal and county offices, acting as the legal assistant at a law firm in aid of attorneys and others. Graduates may also consider obtaining the state certification for becoming a paralegal in their state, which can lead to more job opportunities and a higher salary. It is important to note that while working in any of these positions, a paralegal or legal assistant may not give legal advice, set fees, or represent a client in court. In addition, some graduates with a paralegal studies bachelor degree use the degree as a stepping stone which enable them to consider law school to obtain a juris doctorate and join the bar as an attorney.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

The varied job descriptions available to the graduate with bachelors in legal studies degree means that career growth and salaries are just as variable. For example, many paralegals and legal assistants make an average of $40,000 and are in high demand due to the need to offload work from some attorneys. The median income for Federal government employees with a legal degree is $60,000, making it the highest median salary for legal professionals. Those who go on to become attorneys can expect a competitive job market, but also salaries that can reach more than $160,000 for the first-year associates at top law firms.

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