Online Bachelors in Graphic Design Degree

A bachelors in graphic design online degree is ideal for visual thinkers who are passionate about integrating art and creativity to formalize their skills for a professional career in advertising, product designs and online media.

Prospective students who are considering online graphic design courses and degrees can learn how to put together different design layouts for a variety of products. These range from websites to video games to corporate and commercial publications and even advertising.

With the growing dependence of many state corporations, companies and businesses making a presence on the web through websites and online marketing, graphic designers with web experience have an added advantage.

Requirements and Coursework

Most graphic design degree-granting colleges require students to have a high school level education of some type. However, similar to other artistic programs, a portfolio of work may help students in gaining admission. Common courses include fundamentals of design and artistic theory, as well as the psychology of color and other media influences. Students then learn about how to create a number of documents and media types, including mastering various graphic design software programs. Specializations include advertising, print design, web design and user interface design and others.

Featured Online Graphic Design Schools and Colleges

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

  • Bachelors in Graphic Design
  • Bachelors in Interior Design
  • Bachelors in Advertising
  • Bachelors in Media Arts & Animation
  • Bachelors in Game Art & Design
  • Bachelors in Web Design and Interactive Media

Westwood College Online

  • Bachelor in Graphic Design - Web Design
  • Bachelor in Graphic Design - Visual Communications

American InterContinental University (AIU) Online

  • Bachelors in Visual Communications - Digital Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communications - Graphic Design

Graphic Design Job Opportunities

With a bachelor degree in graphic design, graduates may be able to find work in a number of sectors. For example, newspapers, magazines and even television outlets need designers to help put words into proper visual context. Advertising agencies and other creative outlets need graphic designers, who team with copywriters to put advertisements together. Finally, companies who need websites and software programs need graphic designers to form the right look for their products.

Other graduates who earn online graphic design courses may pursue careers as:

  • Illustrators;
  • Production Artists;
  • Multimedia Artists;
  • Computer Artists;
  • Corporate Communications Coordinator;
  • Graphic Designer;
  • Assistant Art Director;
  • Advertising Assistant;
  • Director of Advertising

Career Growth and Salary

Graphic design-related jobs are projected to grow at a higher rate than any other design job through 2014. Companies are looking for graphic designers for many aspects of their business, from corporate branding to advertising and web design.

Graphic designers have a wide range of career options, and depending on the employer, can make from roughly $35,000 to more than $95,000. The upper end of the salary range is for graphic design degree graduates who end up heading creative departments or start their own company related to media work. The majority of entry-level graphic designers earn between $30,000 and $50,000. Keep in mind that as in other fields, taking on aspects of the business side of the field will result in more seniority and compensation.

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