Biology Degree Online Programs

Pursuing a biology degree online program can lead to a rewarding, exciting and lucrative career. Biology is the study of life and behavior of living things.

Some of the career choices with a biology degree are found in areas of research, environmental conservation and management, education and health care.

For those biologists who want to combine scientific knowledge with other specific interests, they can advance their learning to take upcareers in drug/pharmacy, biotechnology, economics, mathematics, politics and science, forensic science, art and scientific writing.

Jobs that require a degree in biology include veterinarians, botanists, evolutionary biologists, cell biologists, aquatic biologists, ecologists, physiologists, zoologists, biochemists, taxonomists and many disciplines of scientific research.

Online Biology Degree courses

Since studying for a biology degree requires a lot of hands-on laboratory work for learners to make observations, evaluate evidence and ask questions, it’s thus impractical to have a completely online biology degree. However, many online accredited colleges provide online biology degree with concentrations that may not require hands-on lab work, in areas such as social sciences or human organizational management. These biology degree online courses may also require learners who have prior courses in math, chemistry, physics and a solid foundation in biology courses.

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