Online Computer Software Engineering Degree Programs

Computer software engineering online degree programs are designed to prepate students to develop, operate and maintain computer software systems and integrated technologies.

To succeed in this challenging technical computer software engineering field, a learner also needs strong problem solving and analytical skills. Creativity, comfort with abstract concepts and computer technology experience and knowledge are also essential in this profession.

Featured Colleges with Online Programs

Strayer University

  • BS in Information System - Software Engineering Management
  • MS in Information Systems - Software Engineering Management

Walden University

  • Masters in Information Technology - Software Engineering
  • Masters in Information Technology - Software Engineering 2

Regis University

  • Masters in Software Engineering
  • Masters in Systems Engineering
  • Masters in Software Engineer and Database Technology

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelors in Information Technology - Software Engineering

Software Engineering - Education and Training

You can earn your computer software engineering degree online from an accredited online college, university, technical school or a private career training institute.

An associate degree in software engineering will teach you how to design, develop, and implement computer software. General education and technical courses help students develop the communications and problem-solving skills needed in this profession.

With a bachelor of science in software engineering you will qualify for an entry-level position in software engineering, project management, systems analysis, and related professions. Required courses typically include systems analysis, written and oral communications, statistics, physics, digital communications, differential equations, and various programming languages. You may also take courses in robotics, computer graphics, web management, and/or computer security.

A master's degree in software engineering online will prepare you to apply principles of science and math to software systems using a variety of computer languages. Programs may address and integrate the behavioral, management, and technical aspects of software engineering. Some programs require research projects. Many graduates advance to senior management and executive positions or become entrepreneurs.

If you want a career in computer engineering education or research, you need a doctoral degree, which requires a master's in a closely related field. Doctoral students focus on their own research, working closely with professionals in their specific areas of interest.

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