Marketing MBA Online Degrees

Marketing MBA online programs are in great demand as the skills can be applied to a range of positions in today's competitive business environment.

Not only does an MBA in marketing degree impart necessary knowledge to advertise or market the products and services of a company in order to increase the sales and profit, but learners also develop insights on how to build and manage relationships between the customer and the seller.

Marketing MBA Program Education

A marketing MBA online program is a professional course in the field of business and management, where you learn how to plan, organize, and execute a marketing strategy. Basic coursework may include financial accounting, organizational behavior, brand management, marketing strategy and consumer behavior. Other crucial aspects of a marketing MBA online program involve market research, product management, pricing, distribution and promotion.

Featured Colleges with Online MBA Marketing Programs

University of Phoenix

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Marketing

Kaplan University

  • MBA in Marketing

Walden University

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Marketing

University of Liverpool

  • Master of Business Administration - Marketing
  • Master of Science in Global Consumer Marketing

Northcentral University

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Marketing

Career Options

Professionals with MBA in marketing degree gain sufficient knowledge to pursue career in promotion, advertising, research, public relations and sales. They can get employment in almost all types of industries. Companies in retail, pharmaceuticals, automobile, banking and finance, media, and insurance industries offer more jobs to professionals with MBA in marketing degree. Marketing MBA online program also gives you a platform to join a PhD program in marketing, HR, or business management.

Masters degree in marketing will train you to work not only in advertising, sales and promotion of products and services, but the skills are transferable to other paths such as general management, consultancy and entrepreneurship. Marketing MBA program is a unique knowledge based program and students do not require any additional certifications to gain employment; however, knowledge of technology, coupled with a strong background in finance and data analysis is a great advantage as a marketer because quantitative analysis abilities are skills now increasingly in demand in the current market positions.

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