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A masters degree in English online program is a graduate degree program for professionals who want to teach college, learn critical analysis skills or develop successful writing and publishing careers.

An online English master degree builds on the bachelor degree in English education to develop writing skills more thoroughly and prepare learners for careers, from teaching to advertising.

Who Should Earn a Masters in English Degree?

A masters in English appeals to professionals in several fields and career tracks: aspiring professors, writers, publication industry personnel or even professionals in unrelated careers. The primary skills taught in English graduate programs are writing and critical reading and analysis, which can be useful for people in many professions. As a writer, you'll learn how to develop book-length works and present your content in a coherent, polished form.

You can use a masters degree in English program to refine and advance a career in advertising, become an author, or other related fields. The study of literature is done with a focus on critical reading and analysis. Professionals who are interested in an online English master degree may apply these critical analysis skills in the entertainment industry, on a scholarly level or even in a business capacity in an office or corporate setting.

Featured Colleges with Online Masters Degree in English

Tiffin University

  • Master of Humanities - English

Grand Canyon University

  • M.Ed. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (No IR, No Cert.)

Program Specializations

A masters in English degree typically comes in two forms: a focus on writing, and a focus on literature. The focus in writing is particularly helpful for professionals who want to refine their writing skills or advance in writing-related careers. Technical writing, business writing and marketing and public relations-style writing all benefit from a master degree in English program with a focus on writing.

The masters in English degree with a focus on literature teaches important works of literature and critical analysis skills. Literature-based programs focus on critical reading and analysis, which can be beneficial in a broad range of career fields; not just teaching or writing. Literature-based English graduate programs may involve writing a book-length work of literary criticism, which also helps develop scholarly writing skills. Alternately, some English master degree programs require a comprehensive exam on literature and literature theory, or advance projects in a chosen field of study.

Popular Career Tracks

The primary career track for English graduate programs is to teach at a postsecondary level. English students who want to teach at a primary or secondary school level can typically do so with a teaching degree or bachelors degree, but to teach English or literature on a postsecondary level requires a master degree in English program. On the education side, you can specialize in English as a Second Language (ESL) to be able to teach English to non- English speakers.

Some online English master degree students also go on to careers in writing or publishing. Writing career options include newspapers, public relations, advertising, television, motion picture, book writing, or business or technical writing.

Career Options

English graduate programs aren't just for professionals who want to teach college or go into writing and publishing careers. Many people successfully leverage a master degree in English program in non-traditional careers, such as sociology or psychology. A culture's literature says a lot about its belief systems, its society and its values. An online English master degree, together with a degree in anthropology, sociology or psychology, can lead to opportunities in research and scholarly studies.

In these types of careers, graduates may go on to Ph.D. studies in English and specialize in a very specific aspect of literature, such as women's studies, ancient Greek literature, medieval literature or other subset. Critical reading and extrapolation skills help reveal new information about societies, the individuals who wrote the literature and the way people think. These studies typically coincide with postsecondary studies, as many of the people who pursue this type of career track become professors. Alternately, professionals with a specialization can work for a foundation or institute focused on studying an era or culture.

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