Online Bachelor Degree in Business Management

An online bachelor in business management degree teaches students how to solve business problems and tackle challenges in the business world.

This can include cutting costs in supply chains, improving workplace morale, or even creating strategic programs for growth. Learners in a bachelor's in business management degree program may pursue coursework in the area of business that interests them the most. Specialization areas include: marketing, accounting, human resources management, consulting, disaster management, supply chain management among other business management concentrations.

Graduates with a bachelor's business management degree may choose to take an entry-level position for a few years before pursuing a master's degree in business administration (MBA).

Featured Universities offering Online Bachelor's in Business Management

American InterContinental University (AIU) Online

  • Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA) - Management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA) - International Business
  • Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA) - Operations Management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA) - Project Management

Walden University

  • Bachelor in Business Administration - Management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration - Small Business Management

Post University

  • B.S. in Management
  • B.S. in Business Administration - Management

Bachelor's Business Management Degree - Coursework

The bachelors in business management online degree includes a variety of classes on managing projects, organizational behavior, improving employee productivity, using technology in management and even learning how to market ideas to both internal and external audiences. Students also generally learn the principle of finance and accounting as well as human resource management so that they can keep an eye on the bottom line, and how to recruit and train new talent. Elective courses may be available for students to focus on one department in a business, or fields such as entrepreneurship or public-private sector partnerships. Besides the general education degree requirements, the rest of the courses will be depended on one's concentration area of management.

What can you do with a Bachelors in Business Management Degree?

Online bachelor degree in business management holders may find work in a number of sectors, but are generally looking at entry-level positions in areas where they focused on their electives. That may include marketing, finance or human resources departments. In smaller companies, they may work as head of departments in order to maximize productivity. But that can quickly grow, as can the responsibility. Many graduates also consider furthering their education with an MBA degree to accelerate their career growth.

Bachelor in Business Management Salary Projections and Career

The career growth and number of jobs for management professionals who hold a bachelor in business management degree depends in large part on the sector that they enter. For example, human resources is a rapidly growing field, while marketing and finance may offer some competition. However, salaries are varied, but generally strong, ranging from administrative departments at more than $50,000 to those in marketing who may make close to $80,000. Upper-level management positions may offer six figure salaries for those with more than 10 years of experience.

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