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Why online teacher certification? Because public school teachers must be licensed, which requires certification, you can earn your teaching certificate online.

If you want to teach in a public elementary or secondary school and you have a bachelor's degree but not a teaching certificate, you can pursue teacher certification courses or a post baccalaureate teacher certification program.

Maybe you are working as a substitute teacher or maybe you are changing careers. Whatever your situation, you can complete the courses required for a K-12 education teaching certificate through a distance learning education. Most of the programs offer an option for satisfying the field placement requirements in the community where you live or work.

While many online teaching certification programs are entirely online, some have minimal residency requirements. A few online teaching certification programs offer a combination of online and on campus classes (blended learning) option. Online teacher certification courses gives you the flexibility you need to complete certification and licensing requirements while you work or attend to other responsibilities.

Teacher Certification Programs and Options

Teacher certification and licensing rules and requirements vary by state and change frequently. Before you enroll in a teacher certification program, make sure completion of that program will qualify you for certification and/or licensure in the state in which you plan to work. Requirements may also vary according to the grade and subject you want to teach. It is especially important for you to check on this if you want to enroll in a school in a different state from where you live or work.

Featured Colleges - Online Programs

University of Phoenix

  • California Teachers of English Learners Certificate
  • Principal Licensure Certificate
  • Special Education Certificate
  • Transition to Teaching Certificate/Elementary Teacher Education
  • Transition to Teaching Certificate/Secondary Teacher Education
  • California Teachers of English Learners Certificate

Teacher certification from some states is recognized in other states. For example, 41 states recognize Texas certification. This means that if you become certified through a Texas certification program, you are automatically certified in each of the 41 other states. If you are working as a teacher, your employer may reimburse your expenses for teacher certification.

Jobs for Certified Teachers

Job opportunities for public school teachers vary from good to excellent, depending on the geographic location and grade and subject taught. Prospects are particularly good for teachers in the high-demand fields of math, science and bilingual education and in under-served urban and rural school districts.

There will always be a need for good teachers. Teacher certification puts you on the right track to become credentialed in one of the most rewarding careers.

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