Online Chemistry Degree Programs

Pursuing an online chemistry degree means you are interested in studying about the matter, including its structure, reactions with other chemicals, properties and composition.

Studying chemistry online, one of the physical sciences, can lead into further study, research and other scientific careers.

There are many options for further study in chemistry. Those who complete an online bachelor's degree in chemistry may wish to pursue medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and other graduate programs.

To complete a master's degree in chemistry, students must specialize in a specific area of chemistry, such as analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, nuclear chemistry or organic chemistry.

Doctoral or Ph.D. degrees in chemistry focus on the sub-disciplines of chemistry. Graduates who earn a doctorate in chemistry often find jobs with the U.S. government, in both civilian and military positions, as well as top management positions in private research companies.

Online Chemistry Education and Training

Online chemistry courses are available at various online accredited colleges. A bachelor's degree in chemistry program will cover basic chemistry, as well as courses in biology, physics and mathematics. Students should also expect to participate in hands-on chemistry labs to apply the knowledge they acquired in class.

Master's and doctorate degree courses in chemistry cover different areas of specialization. Options include analytical chemistry, chemical synthesis, organic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and other scientific courses, as well as lab work and intensive research activities.

Career and Earning Potential

Graduates of online chemistry degree programs and traditional, on-campus chemistry degree programs enjoy the same career opportunities. For example, with a chemistry degree, you can go into careers such as teaching, pharmaceuticals, sales and marketing, research, laboratory work, health and safety, and others. Working as a chemist or a high school chemistry teacher would, however, require at least a bachelor's degree in chemistry. A bachelor's degree in chemistry can also open the door to advanced education for students who want to become chemical engineers, material scientists, researchers, or move on to other medical and scientific professions.

Those who earn a master's degree in chemistry can find work in chemistry-related research and development fields, or work as material or analytical chemists. To qualify for a teaching job at a college or university, work in pharmaceutical firm, or obtain a supervisory role in a chemistry-related research field, a PhD degree in chemistry degree is often required.

The Bureau of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, 08-09 Edition cites that in 2007, graduates with a bachelor degree in chemistry earned an average salary of $41,506, while chemists in supervisory and managerial positions in the federal government earned an annual pay of $89,954. The mean annual wage for secondary school teachers, including chemistry high-school teachers, was $52,450. In the same year, the mean annual wage for material scientists with a doctorate in chemistry was $77,930, while chemical engineers earned $84,240 per year, on average.

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