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Masters Degrees in Law, Legal Studies and Criminology

Accredited online criminal justice master degree programs and on-campus programs are designed to give graduates a higher level of authority and responsibility to build lasting careers in law enforcement, homeland security, crime scene investigation, corrections, immigration, forensic science, probation, private detective agencies, and other legal fields that require a master degree in criminal justice.

For those already working in the field, who want to advance their careers, certification and online certificate courses in criminal justice and related fields are also available. You can also opt to earn a certificate concurrent with an online criminal justice master degree program. A master's degree or doctorate in criminal justice is important if you want to become an FBI agent, detective or lawyer.

Most master degree in criminal justice programs take about two years to complete. You also must have already earned a bachelors degree in criminal justice or other related legal field to qualify.

Featured Colleges - Online Criminal Justice Masters Degree Programs

Kaplan University

  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • MS in Criminal Justice - Law
  • MS in Criminal Justice - Policing
  • MS in Criminal Justice - Corrections
  • MS in Criminal Justice - Global Issues in Criminal Justice
  • MS in Criminal Justice - Leadership/Executive Management
  • MS in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Grand Canyon University

  • Master in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement
  • Master in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies

Northcentral University

  • Criminal Justice - MBA

Program focus

Some criminal justice masters degree programs focus on criminal behavior, examining the relationship between psychology and the criminal justice system; while other criminal justice programs provide a theoretical overview of crime analysis, along with applied knowledge-problem-solving skills, contemporary issues and trends, research methods, and relevant computer applications. Homeland security programs cover topics such as legal and ethical issues, transportation and information security, emergency preparedness, and counter-terrorism. Forensic psychology specializations focus on the application of psychology and mental health knowledge to the law and the legal system.

Online criminal justice master degree programs offer a convenient and flexible way to advance your skills without putting your life on hold. You can study from the comfort of your own home, office or from any convenient location with Internet access. To guarantee job placement with an online degree, make sure you earn your criminal justice degree from an accredited college. A diploma for an online accredited program is identical to degrees earned by on-campus students.

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