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An online doctorate public health degree program will prepare you for careers in research, teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level, working in policy analysis and development, leadership roles in academia and other high-level private and public health positions.

You can earn a PhD in public health online depending on your current qualifications and the area that you wish with to focus your learning.

Areas of specialization in a doctoral degree program in public health include health promotion and education, epidemiology, global health, nutrition and dietics, biostatistics, health care management, environmental health, health services administration, public health management among other public health concentrations.

Featured Doctorate in Public Health Online Colleges

Walden University

  • Ph.D. in Human Services - Public Health
  • Ph.D. in Public Health - Community Health Education
  • Ph.D. in Public Health - Epidemiology

Online PhD in Public Health - Education

To pursue a PhD public health online program, most online colleges require the learner to have completed a CEPH-accredited masters degree in any of the following health fields; a masters degree in public health (MPH), a masters degree in health services administration, a masters degree in health administration, or a master of science in public health.

Some colleges offering online doctoral degree in public health may require candidates who hold a bachelor's degree or a non-public health masters degree to complete specific coursework prior to starting their core courses in the doctorate in public health program.

The online doctorate in public health program of study varies, but students may be required to take courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, public health, environmental health, health policy and management. As with most doctoral programs, learners are required to conduct original research and write a dissertation to help advance the discipline of public health. To prepare for the extensive research work, students take courses in quantitative reasoning, research analysis, design and methods. Most online colleges have residency requirements as part of the PhD degree completion.

What can you do with a PhD in Public Health?

There are various areas of practice with an advanced public health degree including teaching in higher education, epidemiology, community leadership, high-level management positions in private industry, health policy making, medical research, statistician to mention a few.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics, Epidemiologists can expect excellent opportunities as a result of the heightened awareness of bioterrorism and rare but infectious diseases. Jobs are also available for statisticians in health and human services. The average annual salary for statisticians in the Federal Government was $92,322 in March 2009.

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