6 Reasons Online Education Benefits you more than On-campus Learning

Although online education benefits are quite many, the two major reasons for choosing the online learning route instead of attending traditional, on-campus classes are: 1) online classes are so much easier to work into an already hectic and inflexible schedule and 2) the financial savings alone can be substantial. However, the affect that this decision has on a student’s personal life is seldom factored into the equation.

The following are six more undeniable reasons of how online education benefits the learners as compared to on-campus education.

  • Paying For Your Degree, Not the "Life" - Students who live on campus are paying a variety of different fees for their living arrangements. On-campus food, the dorms and other miscellaneous fees are factored into the "room and board" category. Students who elect to earn a degree through distance learning are basically paying for the education that they are receiving. Sure, they will still have to pay bills at home and eat regular meals, but an online degree is going to be much less of a financial strain than living on campus and all the expenses that come with it.
  • Help is Easier to Find - Let's face it, a professor who teaches on campus is catering to hundreds of students each day, plus they have to eat meals, correct papers, quizzes and tests, and find some personal time, between all of the chaos. Unfortunately, they do not have time to spend with every student who needs help. Additionally, students who are experiencing difficulty in classes may not feel comfortable approaching the teacher to ask questions for clarification. Online colleges provide virtual classrooms that are structured so that students can easily get help with topics that they may be struggling with. This help can come in all forms from; instructors, classmates, online resources, experts in the field etc.
  • Extremely Flexible Time Tables - At a brick and mortar college, you either make it to class at the exact time, in the exact place, on certain days per week and if you do not make it to the class, you have to somehow find out the material that was presented in class. Additionally, you attend a certain amount of semesters, for a certain amount of time to attain each specific degree. Online degrees from accredited colleges offer flexibility in a couple of different ways. In addition to allowing students to essentially take their classes any time of the day that they want to, e-learning also presents the opportunity to students to achieve degrees faster than they would at traditional colleges. Another big difference is: traditional campus colleges do not always offer the flexibility of taking one class at a time; part-time students usually live off-campus anyways. With distance learning, students can elect to take one class at a time or many, depending on how busy or flexible their personal schedule is.
  • Full-Time Employees Can Keep Their Jobs - Most college students would rather not quit their day job to go back to school. Working a full-time job is a requirement for many people who have families to support or bills to pay. Online colleges have opened the doors to so many working people who never thought they would have an opportunity to start, finish or continue their college education. You will not find many students who live on-campus while working a full-time day job, too.
  • The Food Is So Much Better - Although cooking meals at home every day may not be the favorite thing to do for most students, just the thought of some of the food that can be found on campus could turn their stomach. Even if a college had fairly good food in their selection, there is no denying that home cooked meals or foods that are regularly found at home are far more palatable than the rotated menus that are supplied on campus.
  • Steer Clear of the Drama - While a student who is taking online courses will definitely have their fair share of home-life drama, it is not going to hold a candle to the mischief that hundreds of college students can create when they are all thrown onto one campus. Between the campus parties and the he-said-she-said that occurs, there are new personalities to get accustomed to - it's an entirely different world. Hopping into online courses does not require changing the complete life scenario; it's still the same life, the same people, the same family and a more honest support system for earning that degree.

The convenience and amount of money that will be saved are not necessarily the top two reasons to choose an online degree program. Considering the investment, dollar-for-dollar, the online education is definitely the place to commit financially. This is especially true for the seasoned professional who really does not want to head back to a college campus that is full of 18 to 24 year olds. And, with graduation rates of online students that continues to improve even more than brick-and-mortar college students, the choice seems more obvious.

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