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MBA Degrees in Finance by Distance Learning

An online masters in finance degree prepares learners for management positions where they can become financial decision makers. With a finance degree at the master's level, you can apply your skills and knowledge working in financial management, non-financial corporations, financial services industry, private equity firms, among other financial fields.

While it is possible to change careers and move into finance by earning a masters degree in finance by distance learning, most finance MBA programs require students to have an existing background in finance. As a result, an online MBA degree in finance program is best suited for professionals who already work in the finance industry, although it can be a basis for graduates to move into different areas of finance. In addition, many financial careers require professional certification that calls for students to have one or more years of experience in the finance industry.

Featured Online Masters in Finance Colleges & Universities

Kaplan University

  • MBA - Finance
  • MS in Finance
  • MS in Finance - Financial Analysis
  • MS in Finance - Financial Planning
  • MS in Accounting - Finance

American Intercontinental University (AIU)

  • MBA - Finance

Education and Coursework

A masters degree in finance by distance learning follows the same curriculum as classroom-based MBA finance programs; designed to help students develop the skill set to analyze data and make financial decisions on a large scale. Students learn valuable skills, such forming a complete business plan, making critical decisions and solving problems, applying accounting data to organizational and managerial goals, and communicating financial information effectively.

Learners in a graduate finance degree online program may also learn how to assess and manage risk using financial, statistical and economic data, and integrate varying marketing, personnel, operations and financial initiatives. Online masters degree in finance also incorporates modern theories of management and negotiation, and effective leadership training. The goal of a masters online finance degree program is to prepare students for financial leadership and management roles within their companies and industries.

Licensing and Certification in Finance

Some financial careers require licensing or formal career recognition - certification. Certified Treasury Professional, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant and other certification and licensing programs formally recognize a professional's skill set and ability to function in their field. Most of these certification programs require professionals to have a degree, work for a minimum of one or two years in their field, and pass examinations to test their knowledge about laws and financial regulations. If you wish to earn any of the certification, confirm whether the online masters degree in finance you wish to pursue meets the organization's requirements and offers the correct coursework to prepare you for the certification you need.

Jobs and Careers with a Master Degree in Finance

A master degree in finance opens the door for career advancement, or beginning new careers in a variety of fields. Graduates can choose from careers in finance, financial management roles within companies or corporations, finance-related jobs in the public and government sectors, or related jobs in other fields like insurance or risk management.

Graduates who want a career in finance or financial management within an organization can choose from jobs like treasurer, controller, financial planner, commodities trader, stock broker or CFO. Median salaries for these positions range from $68,680 to $132,500, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2009. In the public sector, a master degree of finance may qualify professionals for careers as financial analysts, budget analysts, or finance directors. The median income for local government jobs was around $78,650, while the federal government pays slightly more.

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