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An online math degree program can prepare you for various jobs and careers that require knowledge in mathematics, statistics, and logical reasoning.

With a bachelor's degree, you can work as a statistician, actuary, applied mathematician, pure mathematician or a secondary school mathematics teacher. Other fields that hire those with an undergraduate math degree online include banking, finance and accounting.

In addition, those with a master's degree or PhD in mathematics can pursue lucrative positions in research and development laboratories, as part of technical teams.

Bachelors, masters and PhD programs in mathematics and statistics are available with various concentrations. The courses required to complete an online math degree will differ based on career goals, but you may expect to take courses in abstract algebra, calculus, probability and statistics, differential equations, geometry, probability theory, applied regression analysis, linear programming, and mathematical statistics.

Featured Colleges - Math Degree Online Programs

If you're looking to advance your mathematics knowledge or start a career in mathematics without attending a traditional campus, the following accredited colleges offer a mathematics degree online.

Grand Canyon University is an accredited college. In addition, the Arizona State Department of Education has formally approved all of the coursework offered at Grand Canyon University for the certification of elementary and secondary teachers and for the renewal of certificates.

  • B.S. in Elementary Education: Math (Leads to initial teacher licensure)

Walden University

  • M.S. in Education - Mathematics (Grades 5-8)
  • M.S. in Education - Mathematics (Grades K-5)
  • M.S. in Education - Elementary Reading and Mathematics (Grades K-6)

Due to recent advancements in technology, there's an increased demand for individuals who can solve complex mathematical computations and technical problems. The fields of computer science, software development, physics, and engineering all demand professionals who have a mathematical background. Therefore, jobs prospects are extremely good for those with a master's or PhD degree in mathematics, with concentration on any of these disciplines.

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