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An online sociology degree program is for those who are interested in the study of the world we live in. It is the study of the structure and spatiality of societies, cultures and societal institutions.

If you are interested in culture and society, to any extent, pursing degree program in sociology is a fascinating choice as it's considered a multidisciplinary degree that includes aspects of many different areas of study that are very relevant to everyday life.

Graduating with an online sociology degree can lead to a career in the fields of sociology, child welfare, health care, criminal justice, business or education.

Studying for sociology by distance learning will allow you to become familiar with a wide range of topics and research methods, including social theory, the structure of society, sociological research, and the dynamics of society, as well as learning about social institutions and social problems.

As you pursue your sociology degree online, you will learn about statistical analysis, evaluation, and data collection regarding human behavior. You will have the opportunity to use modeling techniques and computer scenarios, as well, for writing reports.

Online sociology courses include a range of topics, from elements of psychology, philosophy, and languages, to anthropology, economics and other social sciences such as geography. Other online sociology degrees take a business approach, placing an emphasis on consumer buying patterns and market research.

Featured Universities with Online Programs

Grand Canyon University

  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Post University

  • B.S. in Human Services - Sociology

Careers with sociology training and education

With an online bachelor's degree in sociology, you can achieve an entry-level or administrative position in sociological work and related fields, such as anthropology, psychology, urban planning, or market research. However, given that the educational attainment for social scientists is amongst the highest of any field, with many positions requiring a master's or doctorate degree in sociology, you may choose to further your education. An online master's degree in sociology, for example, will prepare you for supervisory work as a sociologist.

Sociologists are employed in many different capacities, such as government sociologists and institutional sociologists. They are also employed in prisons, hospitals, and research facilities. A PhD in sociology will allow you to teach sociology at the university level or undertake research programs. Careers that require a doctorate in sociology include working as a government sociologist, as well as working in the criminal justice system or in business enterprises.

For positions such as urban planner, or market research analyst, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 08-09 Edition states that the mean annual salaries in 2007 were $60,480 and $66,980 respectively. Master's or PhD degree holders are more likely to enter the job market at a higher salary than bachelor degree holders. The mean annual salary for sociologists in general, according to the same source, was $67,330. The mean annual salary for a government sociologist, however, was $97,320 during the same time period.

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