Online Sports Management Degree Programs

An online sports management degree program is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to apply business, coaching and physical education principles to the organization, administration and management of athletic programs and teams, fitness/rehabilitation facilities and health clubs, sport recreation services and other sports related services.

Pursuing a sports management degree online means you can specialize in areas such athletic director, auto racing management, sports agent, scouting, sports broadcasting and sports business management.

Other degrees in sports management will prepare you to be a general manager in baseball, basketball, football, hockey or soccer.

Programs may emphasize the business aspects of sports, international sports, or kinesiology (the study of the motion of the body).

Featured Colleges - Sports Management Online Degree Programs

Argosy University

  • Masters in Education in Sport - Exercise Psychology

Education and Training

Coursework focuses on applying business standards and knowledge to the sports industry. Course subjects may include program planning and development, leadership, ethics, communications, marketing, budgeting, finance, economics, diversity, strategic planning, legal aspects of sports and public relations, event promotion, scheduling and management; facilities management and applicable health and safety.

A masters degree in sports management program prepares learners for positions of management and leadership within the sport industry.

Internships and work experience in the sports industry complement degree programs by providing individuals with real-world skills.

A Career in Sports Management

Sports management is a fast-growing and competitive career field. You will need sports experience and at least a bachelor's degree to enter the profession. The multi-billion dollar sports industry offers management opportunities at all levels.

With a sports management degree you can work as a coach, scout, general manager, agent, athletic director, public relations specialist, sports reporter, or sports information director. Sports managers and administrators have the business skills to understand how an athletic organization functions. You may also qualify for jobs that require you to use business principles to manage professional sports franchises, athletic departments and facilities, sporting goods retailers, health clubs, fitness and rehabilitation services, and media outlets.

As a sports management professional, you may work with professional or amateur athletes and teams, communities, private organizations, sports marketing and management consulting firms, athletic associations or schools. Your combination of sports knowledge and management skills prepares you to develop strategies for the success of your athletic organization.

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