The wonder of distance learning

by Robert Winstanley
(United Kingdom)

I've only been doing distance learning since June 2010 and the benefits to me are amazing. I work full time in a call centre and felt that surely there is a better life than this.

So I contacted various distance learning schools and now I am well under way of my second year (after being a university drop out a few years prior due to it getting increasingly more challenging and not getting anywhere near the marks I would have liked to achieve) in completing my degree in counselling and therapeutic communication so that I can be a fully qualified and accredited CBT therapist for the NHS.

I am passing my course work each month and coming out with better marks than I could have come out with had I stayed fulltime at Uni and completed my degree there.

I am on higher grades and recieving my next two courses in February after passing my first two now. I hope that the trend of me passing these courses carries on and all my marks stay above and around the 2'1/1st class mark. So that it puts me in for better standing in my final year.

I look forward to my studies and as I am doing only one module at a time, it is as if I can put my all into that chosen area of study. I can't wait to get my full second year of CAT points (university grading points) and know that I am finally 2 years through a degree and getting better than just a call centre number.

If you're looking to pursue education online, find some of the accredited online colleges and universities in the USA that you can choose from and request information from one or two to help you decide.

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