Accounting MBA Online Degree Programs

Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance by Distance Learning

Accounting MBA online programs prepare graduate learners for a career in a variety of finance and accounting related fields where they perform operational and strategic functions.

Accounting MBA degrees focus on imparting skills necessary in financial accounting, investment strategies, managerial accounting and corporate finance. The degree program gives learners deep insights into audit and evaluation of controls, financial budgeting and measurement, documentation, reporting, planning and control.

MBA degree in accounting is a specialization in the masters degree in business administration and is a popular program for professionals who are seeking management and supervisory roles in auditing, accounting and other senior financial roles. This accounting track is also ideal for those who wish to pursue a PhD in finance or management program.

Featured Finance and Accounting MBA Online Colleges

Strayer University

  • MBA in Accounting

University of Liverpool

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Finance and Accounting

Liberty University

  • MBA in Accounting

University of Phoenix

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Accounting

Accounting MBA Degree Education

A degree in accounting MBA online may take up to two years to complete. Core curriculum subjects may include financial management, economics, accounting, strategy, operation and process management among other accounting courses.

Specific areas of specialization within accounting MBA online are: taxation, equity analysis, banking, mergers and acquisitions among other accounting and finance MBA focuses. Though not always required after completing an MBA in accounting, earning certification courses such as certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant (CMA), and chartered financial analyst (CFA) certification adds great value to candidates and increases their ability to secure a lucrative position and good perks in accounting profession.

Career Options

Demand remains very high in the field of accounting especially in areas of banking, tax accounting, forensic accounting, auditing and financial accounting. Thus graduates having an accounting MBA online degree get easy placement as specialists in accounting, financial audit, tax consultancy, financial analysis and portfolio management. Banking, mutual fund management, financial advising, and hedge funds are big employers of professionals with accounting MBA degrees or certifications.

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