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What is a degree in communication? Due to its wide application, a degree in communication is one of the most versatile degrees available.

Communication is a complex study that involves the processes of how information is shared and interpreted in the different contexts that include face-to-face, mass media technologies (film, print) as well as use of online internet technologies (websites, social media) to share information.

Thus an online bachelor in communications degree program can prepare you for careers in a wide range of disciplines; from communication-oriented careers such as journalism and editing to sales promotion and public relations.

With a bachelors degree in communication or communication studies, many graduates also pursue masters and PhD degrees in business management, communication, law and other business communication professions. Since communication is critical in many facets of business, getting a degree in the field can open up doors for graduates to use their public relations, interpersonal, and speaking abilities in business, law, media and government sectors.

Online Degree in Communications Trends

Based on the area of specialty, different colleges use different names for their bachelor in communication degree programs. Also, as a result of the evolving trends in communication, new courses of study that focus on online communication have emerged. You can pursue a bachelors in communication degree that focuses on online/web marketing, multimedia and visual communication or even social media communication in addition to print journalism and video courses.

Featured Colleges with Online Bachelor Degree in Communications

Walden University

  • Bachelor in Communication - Self-designed
  • Bachelor in Communication - Marketing Communications
  • Bachelor in Communication - New Media
  • Bachelor in Communication - Organizational Communication
  • Bachelor in Communication - Public Relations
  • Bachelor in Health Studies - Health Communication

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelors in Business Communications
  • Bachelors in Communication/Culture and Communication
  • Bachelors in Communication/Journalism
  • Bachelors in Communication/Marketing & Sales Communication
  • Bachelors in Multimedia and Visual Communications

What can you do with a communications degree?

Career options for communications degree graduates vary by a wide margin. Degree graduates may work in advertising, sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, write ad copy for agencies, or even become script writers in Hollywood. Others go into public relations, broadcasting, journalism, interpersonal communication, human resource, theatre, or even develop programs for management consults to interview clients. Others communications degree holders may focus on the new media technologies such as social networking or work on websites of major firms.

Career Growth and Salary Expectations

In spite of the wide variety of job options for communications degree holders, they generally find a median salary of roughly $50,000, although these vary greatly. For example, those working in the marketing departments of companies can see salaries in the upper five figures, while entry-level reporters may make just $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the region they cover. Median annual wages for salaried public relations specialists are over $51,000. As companies worry about risk management and public image, public relations will see the most growth of the communications field, making it an interesting sector to consider.

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