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While an online bachelor degree in English language isn't just about writing, it's heavily focused on writing and writing interpretation.

Like many liberal arts degrees, English majors learn how to analyze and write about a variety of different texts from a number of different sources, effectively use language to convey ideas, communicate instructions and persuade readers.

Learners develop a special respect for English as a language. Moreover, they learn about different theories, cultures, how people think and means of expression that can lead them into a number of different fields beyond just teaching the English language.

Bachelor Degree in English Programs Requirements and Coursework

Many online English degree programs expect that students have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent, as well as strong standardized test scores. Many curriculums include coursework on different eras of English literature, from Shakespeare to the modern era, organizational skills and critical thinking skills. Students are also often exposed to a variety of theories on critiquing texts. Learners hone their analytical skills as well, through writing and literature. Focuses can include creative writing, literary analysis, or even business and technical writing. Other programs may focus on the intersection of writing and the arts.

Featured Colleges with Online Bachelor Degree in English

Grand Canyon University

  • BA in English Literature
  • B.S. in Elementary Education: English

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelor of Art in English

A Degree in English Career Options

Many people become English majors because they want to write the next best-seller novel. Other options include communication-related professions, working in journalism, copywriting, editing or publishing books of all genres, or other options with more advanced degrees. Some graduates with a bachelor degree in English (BA in English) use the rhetorical techniques and analytical skills to prepare for law school, while others will go back to school for advanced graduate degrees in fine arts, technical writing or linguistics.

Salary Expectations and Career Growth

English language and English literature degree graduates may expect to find a wide variety of salaries depending on the jobs that they choose. Writers and journalists can expect compensation in the range of $30,000 to $40,000 in entry-level positions, depending on region. English Teachers generally make at least $40,000, and this increases with experience and advanced schooling. Those who go back to school for advanced degrees may find work in university English departments, where salaries begin around $50,000.

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