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An online bachelor in e-business or e-commerce degree is a special purpose business degree whose focus is to enable businesses and companies create/maintain a presence and do business in the electronic marketplace (Internet).

Learners are taught how to improve on the business operations such as designing an online shopping experience for visitors to purchase products or services online as well as aspects of a company's communication on the Internet.

A degree in e-business also equips students with skills and knowledge to be successful in the online marketplace should they decide to venture into creating their own web businesses.

Coursework for a bachelor's degree in e-business focuses more on the web, and how consumers operate within it, while an e-commerce degree focuses primarily on the merchandising, advertising and selling of products/services on the web.

Thus students pursuing a bachelor in e-business degree can expect to learn how to design websites that make visitors want to buy, how to manage fulfillment of orders as well as customer concerns. They may also work on finances, accounting and management principles that are critical to business. They may focus on web design and user experience in the online retail sector, or even developing back-end technology that enable customers and suppliers communicate with the business. Other coursework many involve the marketing side, including search engine optimization (SEO) and other online techniques to improve a company's web presence.

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Kaplan University

  • BS in Business Administration - New Media/Internet Marketing
  • BSIT - Information Systems Track - Application Development
  • BSIT - Applied Technology Track- New Media/Internet Marketing
  • BSIT - Applied Technology Track- Web Development
  • BSIT - Information Systems Track - Mobile Computing

Career Options

Online retailers are often looking for graduates who can help them improve sales figures and work on user experience needs and online customer service. Though an e-business degree may not be necessary to start an online business, a graduate with a bachelor's in e-business may use their knowledge to start their own e-business. As more businesses move into the online space, jobs such as Retail Specialist, Online Business Management Consultant, Web Designer for E-Commerce, Web Merchandiser are in demand.

Salaries for Graduates

Many graduates can expect salaries of roughly $45,000 to more than $70,000 regardless of specialization. However, merchandisers in the e-tailing space can make close to $100,000 on average, while web designers average roughly $60,000. Career growth in the field is very strong, as more companies want to use the low cost of entry to build their web business presence. In addition, long-time companies are looking to transition to the web marketplace, and e-business can benefit product sellers and even professional services.

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