Online Bachelor in International Business Programs

An online bachelor in international business degree program helps learners who are interested in working in an increasingly globalized business market.

Students learn how to navigate difficult cultural barriers in both sales and recruitment, business communication, cultural practices as well as other aspects of business that cross international marketplaces.

The coursework and curriculum for a bachelor degree in international business may vary slightly from college to college, but many of the schools who offer a bachelor in international business degree program offer courses on various business fundamentals, such as economics and finances. Like other business degrees, all students are expected to have a fundamental grasp of finance, marketing, communicating with internal and external audiences and principles of management.

However, because different cultures require different practices, many international business degrees also require mastery of at least one foreign language, as well as cultural courses on other regions of the world. In addition, students should expect to learn about accounting and mathematical analysis and international marketing. Finally, they should expect to pick up the basics of accounting and business analysis, technology as well as other technical aspects of running a business.

Featured Schools with Online Bachelor in International Business Degrees

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelor in Busines - E-Business
  • Bachelor in Busines - Global Business Management

American Intercontinental University Online

  • Bachelors in Business Administration - International Business

Keiser University eCampus

  • Business Adminstration, BA - International Business

Job Options

International business degree online programs prepare students for work abroad and work at home. For example a marketing assistant may work with a U.S. company to bring in more sales from overseas markets, or help a foreign company break into the United States. But globalization means that a degree in international business may also help graduates find work managing the supply chains, where production may be in another country, or managing the workforce that has been outsourced to other countries. International business graduates must be able to best represent their company and its needs with the highest level of international etiquette and cultural sensitivity. Flexibility to travel and work abroad are important for those pursuing a career in international business.

Career Outlook

Graduates of a degree in international business may find work in human resources, accounting, marketing, or management analysis. They may also find jobs working in foreign countries on behalf of their own companies or even work for multi-national companies as sales reps, international marketing reps etc. In general, accountants can make more than $50,000 and are in relatively high demand, as are human resources professionals. The international experience may open up doors to senior management positions, which can net income in excess of $100,000 for international business professionals. However, cost of living in foreign countries should be taken into account with compensation packages.

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