Online Bachelors in Healthcare Administration & Management Degrees

Online bachelors in healthcare administration and management degrees enable students to advance or enter the business world in a very specific field: medical services.

Students attain the skills and knowledge about the administrative aspects of delivering healthcare to a variety of populations, ranging from finance to human resources to marketing.

It's a more specific degree program than business administration since a health care administration degree focuses on the business elements of medical care, such as office administration, crisis management, human resource management and other business aspects of health care management and administration.

A bachelor in healthcare administration is also a good option for those in the healthcare field who want to make the transition to management.

Health Care Management Degree Coursework

Students pursuing bachelors in health care management take a combination of core and required courses such as psychology, communications, healthcare management systems, statistics and accounting as well as human resources management. This is followed by a concentration such as Long-Term Care, Health Science, and Health Information Systems among other healthcare specializations. Learners may also learn how to manage the insurance billing and coding that differentiates healthcare offices from other types of businesses in addition to other electives, all aimed at producing a well rounded health administration professional.

Featured Colleges with Online Bachelors in Healthcare Administration

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Administration - Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Administration - Health Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Administration - Health Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Administration - Long Term Care

Kaplan University

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness

Career Options

Graduates of a bachelor degree in health care management or administration find work in the business offices of hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, residential healthcare settings, group practices, health maintenance organizations, community health settings and other for-profit and nonprofit organizations. However, they may also work with insurance companies, health information technology or medical billing. They may also find work in healthcare finance working on managing the bills of a doctor's office or in human resources aspect. Additional career options are available in either government organizations like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or in other public sector agencies related to medical care.

Job Growth and Salary Expectations

The salaries of health care administrators vary depending on the amount of supervisory responsibility they have. For example, the median salary of the manager of a smaller doctor's office is roughly $50,000, while the chief administrator of a hospital may make $100,000 or more. Private practice managers may find career opportunities by moving to larger facilities, and those working in hospitals may gain senior management responsibilities.

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