Online Computer Programming Degree Programs

An online computer programming degree program will teach you how to write, test, debug, maintain code and programs that tell computers what to do.

Programs are written using a specific programming language such as Java, C++, SQL or other current software development and web programming languages. Online computer programming degrees and courses also teach learners how to update, repair, change, implement software platforms and expand existing programs to meet current industry needs and ensure programs run without bugs.

In addition to technology skills and training, computer programmers need strong problem solving, analytical and communications skills.

Featured Online Computer Programming Schools & Colleges

Strayer University

  • Bachelor in Information Technology - Web Development Techology
  • Bachelor in Information Technology - Programming Technology
  • MSIS: Information System Management

Kaplan university

  • Associate of Science in IS/Application Development
  • Associate of Science in IT/Web Development
  • Bachelor of Science in IS/Application Development
  • Bachelor of Science in IT/Web Development
  • Bachelor of Science in IT/Database Management

Walden University

  • B.S. in Computer Information Systems - Web and Mobile Applications Design
  • B.S. in Information Technology - Web and Mobile Applications Development
  • B.S. in Information Technology - Application Development, Testing, and Quality Assurance
  • M.S. in Information Technology - Software Engineering
  • M.S. in Information Technology - Software Engineering 2

University of Phoenix

  • AA in Information Technology - Programming
  • BS in Information Technology - Software Engineering
  • BS in Information Technology - Web Development

Computer Programming Education for Programmers

Online colleges, universities, technical schools and private career training institutes offer computer programming degrees and software development programs online.

As associate degree in computer programming teaches students the basics of writing programs, designing software, and understanding systems design. Courses focus on the various programming languages, with additional coursework in web design, databases, and E-commerce. Graduates gain the applied knowledge, general education (including communication and problem solving skills), and technical skills needed to gain entry level positions or continue their educations.

Bachelors degree students in computer programming and information systems (MIS) learn state of the art computer concepts. Students learn about computer languages and databases. Various programs offer concentrations in fields such as computer security, database development or management, networking technology, and web development.

Masters degree programs vary in emphasis. Courses typically cover programming languages, advanced algorithms, software engineering, database management, information theory, computer architecture, E-commerce, and other technical subjects. A number of programs include management and business courses, which expand prospects for career advancement.

A doctoral degree in computer programming gives students with education and experience in the field opportunity to further their ability to create computer programs. Graduates of doctoral programs typically enter positions in research and post-secondary education.

Students can also take online computer programming courses that lead to diplomas or certificates in specific topics, including computer applications, introduction to computer programming language, online gaming software development, object-oriented design, visual basic programming, and computer programming in different languages such as Java and C++. Diplomas and certificates provide programmers opportunities to upgrade their skills and stay abreast of new technologies, which is essential in order to remain competitive in this fast-changing profession.

Careers and Salaries

All industries require the services of computer programmers. Top paying industries include: computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, real estate agents and brokers, paper product wholesalers, electric lighting equipment manufacturing, and electronic component manufacturing.

A successful career in computer programming requires at least a bachelor's degree plus relevant experience. With a graduate degree a programmer can advance to become a computer systems analyst, administrator, researcher, or educator.

Because computer users are increasingly able to write their own programs and because employers are outsourcing programming jobs outside of the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a three percent decline in the number of computer programming jobs through 2018. Workers who keep up to date with the latest technology, have broad experience, and have management skills may have more job opportunities. Employers will not be able to outsource positions that require face-to-face communications, so excellent interpersonal skills will improve prospects.

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