Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online Programs

Criminal justice associate degree online programs prepare learners for an entry-level position or advancement into a bachelors or masters in criminal justice degree program.

Career opportunities in criminal justice are on the rise. This demand is driven in part by post 9-11 events, a growing population, and a more security-conscious society.

If you're considering an online criminal justice associate degree, know that you'll be poised to benefit from a hiring boom that is anticipated to grow well past the end of the decade. Some of the most in-demand positions will go to individuals with certificates or degrees in criminal justice, homeland security, criminology and crime scene investigation.

Featured Schools - Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

American InterContinental University (AIU) Online

  • Associates in Criminal Justice Administration

University of Phoenix

  • Associate in Criminal Justice

Strayer University

  • A.S. Criminal Justice

A Career in Criminal Justice

Having an associate degree in criminal justice gives you an opportunity to start a career in law enforcement, homeland security, crime scene investigation, corrections, immigration, forensic science, probation, private detectives, and other related fields.

Many graduates of criminal justice programs find work in federal, state, and local governments, forensic laboratories, medical examiner's offices, hospitals, insurance companies, universities, arson investigation units, homicide investigations, and laboratories. Others who graduate with criminal justice certificate programs and degrees find employment as independent forensic science consultants, fingerprint technicians, print examiners, forensic investigators, evidence technicians, or in private investigation.

Criminal justice associate degree online prepares learners to meet the challenges of these lucrative jobs through a flexible online learning experience that encourages group participation, interaction, and team-work.

What Do You Study in a Criminal Justice Program?

Undergraduate degree in criminal justice programs cover the criminal justice system, introduce law and legal procedures, and discuss criminal evidence and criminology. Crime Scene Investigation programs offer the fundamentals of crime scene investigation science and theory. An associate degree program in Homeland Security focuses on the issues of security, intelligence operations, emergency services, and crisis management.

Needless to say, these salaries have been growing over time and vary based on location. If you're looking to get into a high paying career in criminal justice, you should consider pursuing a bachelor's, master's, or certificate program in criminal justice after completing your associate's degree.

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