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Online human resources bachelor degree programs are one way to break into an expanding human resources profession that has been rapidly growing and expanding to deal with changing workforces.

Learning about how to manage compensation and employee guidelines, as well as training and hiring new employees, are major components of most human resources degree online programs. Detail-oriented personalities who are empathic and good teachers tend to thrive in these environments as they are required to manage a number of workplace aspects.

Students who are interested in a human resources career should not be afraid of conflict, and should be prepared to deal with the sometimes unpopular tasks of resolving conflicts between co-workers, setting policies, administering benefits and payroll, and dealing with other human-resources-related tasks.

Bachelor Human Resources Degree Requirements and Coursework

Bachelor's degree programs in human resources are undergraduate degree programs designed for students who have graduated high school and want to deal with improving employees' interactions with companies. Online bachelor's programs in human resources management provide a broad understanding of the role of human resources and its relationship to employee productivity. They also address business areas human resource professionals need to master in order to integrate their functions with the business functions and goals of their organizations.

Part of the learning process involves surveying a large number of theories, including those on compensation, career development, employee retention and acquisition, and others. Human resources degree programs help students learn how to develop policies and plans that keep employees happy, well-compensated, and in tune with the needs of management.

Featured Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Online Colleges

Walden University

  • Bachelors in Business Administration - Human Resource Management

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelor of Science in Business - Human Resource Management

Career growth and options for graduates

A number of bachelors in human resources management degree holders start out at entry-level positions in human resources departments such as payroll administration, hiring, benefits administration, legal and compliance, training specialist or recruiting. However, they may also perform work for recruiting firms, or assist outsourcing agencies who are now handling human resources obligations as more and more companies outsource their HR services. They may also work with unions, or perform work as contract negotiators, an increasingly growing field in the United States. Additional career options are available for those who take on more seniority or those who specialize in compensation and other aspects of human resources management.

The majority of human resources degree holders earn around $45,000 in the United States. However, the field offers strong potential for growth due to the growing importance of maintaining happy employees in tight economic circumstances. Those who consult in labor relations or work as job analysts tend to make more than $60,000 because of their specialized abilities. In addition, human resources graduate degree holders may gain senior management positions that pay in the six figures as they gain more experience in supervising others.

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