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MBA in Information Technology Degrees by Distance Learning

Online masters degree in IT programs and MBA in IT provide the technology knowledge and business skills needed to make significant contribution in the hi-tech corporate world.

Ideal for those already working in IT or graduates from information technology, engineering and computer science background, an online masters degree in IT will make you a specialist in information management, e-commerce, and computer technologies where knowledge workers have the responsibility of planning, designing, implementing and managing computer systems, information and IT infrastructures.

Specializations and degree focuses

An online masters degree in IT provides graduates with a solid understanding of computation, programming, software development and information management. Core curriculum may include business foundations, IT project management, network security, technical communication, managing people and technology as well as ethical and legal issues in information technology.

Specific focuses include information security and assurance, information technology management, software design and management, networking, project management, health informatics, or enterprise architecture among other masters degree IT specializations.

Featured Online Masters Degree in Information Technology Colleges

Kaplan University

  • Masters Information Technology
  • Masters Information Technology - Entrepreneurship
  • Masters Information Technology - Business Intelligence
  • Masters Information Technology - Information Security and Assurance
  • Masters Information Technology - Project Management

University of Phoenix

  • MBA in Technology Management
  • Master of Information Systems

Strayer University

  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Computer Security Management
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Enterprise Network Management
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Software Engineering Management
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - IT Project Management
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - nformation System Management
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Computer Forensics Management

Careers in Information Technology

People with a masters degree in Information Technology are best placed at managerial positions in companies that extensively use information technology. These professionals supervise the work of computers programmers, network engineers, and manage the entire IT support system.

With a masters degree in IT, you can take up positions as an information systems manager, IT advisor, computer systems engineer, information officer, etc. Some companies working in niche domains, such as software development and network management expect the candidates to hold domain specific certifications.

Internet based companies and organizations that have a large presence on the web as well as business organizations that provide IT solutions to other companies are some of the major employers of graduates with a masters degree in Information Technology.

An MBA degree in Information Technology may also be used as a pathway to enter research field and do a PhD in computer science, engineering or technology.

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