Online MBA Healthcare Management Programs

Accredited online MBA healthcare management programs affords healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn the business side of medical services delivery to reach senior positions.

MBA in health care management online degrees combine standard courses in managing employees and accounting with specialized courses on issues that affect physicians, nurses, medical boards, hospital administrators and departments of health. Students learn how to effectively incorporate new technological systems into healthcare facilities, as well as marketing and other business tools.

MBA in healthcare management students generally need at least a bachelor's degree in either a business field, or much more often a healthcare discipline, as well as strong admissions scores. Common coursework involves business case studies of health care issues, managed care or small office needs. In addition, students also learn about the effects of government and legal issues on the healthcare system, and how to adapt to those changing requirements. Unlike other masters degree programs, health care management and administration masters degree programs may require residency in a health care facility.

Featured Colleges offering Healthcare MBA Online Degrees

University of Phoenix

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Health Administration/Informatics
  • Master of Health in Administration/Education
  • Master of Health in Administration/Gerontology
  • Master of Health Administration - Sustainability Management

Walden University

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Healthcare System Improvement

American Intercontinental University

  • MBA in Healthcare Management

Careers with a healthcare education

Healthcare administrators and medical services managers may work as the top business executive at a small doctor's office, or run an entire division of a medium hospital. As the size of the healthcare facility grows, a graduate with MBA in Healthcare Management may also supervise scheduling of staff as well as adapting policies to new medical results. Along with doctor's offices and hospitals, graduates may also find work with insurers and managed care facilities such as nursing homes.

MBA Healthcare Management and administration graduates may find work in doctor's offices, hospitals, nursing homes and departments of health services. In US, employment is expected to grow faster than in other sectors due to the need to manage costs in healthcare. That need for financial efficiency will benefit MBA degree holders, and they may find more opportunities in smaller out-patient settings where services are increased.

Alternately, obtaining a position in a middle-level practice area in a major hospital can benefit career growth due to the need for large organization experience. Salaries begin at $70,000 for healthcare administrators, and can reach the six figures for those who obtain upper management or directorial positions.

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