Online MBA Project Management Degree Programs

Online MBA project management programs give you the skill set to coordinate and manage a project and diverse team members from inception to completion of a project.

Project managers work in a variety of industries and fields especially in business and technology. If you want to get an education while you juggle other aspects of your life to become a successful project manager, an online MBA or masters in project management can teach you the business, communication and leadership skills you need to create, organize and coordinate successful projects and help organizations meet their strategic goals.

Most accredited colleges offering online MBA and masters in project management programs have been approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to provide quality online project management training and degree programs aligned with PMI standards. Some of the online masters degrees in project management include course work that prepares the learner for the certified Project Management Professional (PMP) certification offered by PMI.

Featured Colleges that offer Online Project Management MBA Programs

Kaplan University

  • MBA - Project Management
  • MS in Management - Project Management
  • MS in Information Technology - Project Management

Walden University

  • MBA in Project Management
  • Masters in Management - Project Management
  • Masters of Information Systems Management - Project Management

University of Liverpool

  • Master of Science in Project Management
  • MSc in Project Management (Oil and Gas)
  • MSc in Project Management (Construction and Infrastructure)

Training and Education

Most people who pursue project management degrees select a specialization in an industry in which they're already a working professional. For example, an IT administrator may specialize in project management in technology, while a construction supervisor may choose to become a project manager in construction. Managers and those in consulting often pursue project management degrees based on their focus.

An online MBA in project management teaches you project planning, risk management, and project procurement - all skills needed to produce projects within specified timeframes and on specified budgets, and at a very high level of quality. Communication, organization and leadership skills are the most valuable in project management, thus an online masters in project management imparts knowledge on how to optimize physical and human resources to deliver key initiatives.

Masters in project management degrees also teach how to break down and manage the project in phases, manage risk at the project level, and how to apply traditional management tools technically to manage a project. You'll learn how to estimate scope, cost and scheduling, and manage communication to complete a project on time and on budget. You'll have to manage individuals, systems and components throughout the entire project. You may have to work with independent contractors, supply companies and other outside sources at various points in a project. You will be able to use the online learning experience to manage projects across industries that may sometimes be in different geographical locations.

Career Options

Project managers are found in construction, architecture, information technology, environmental services and even manufacturing. An online project management degree program is typically general enough to prepare you for a project management career in a variety of industries. You can go into project management in your current or former industry; for example, if you've worked in construction, you may choose to become a construction project manager. MBA in project management graduates also have some of the most diverse working environments and employment options of any career.

As a project manager, you can choose to work directly for an employer that is likely to have a number of ongoing projects. You may also decide to work for a consulting firm where you work with employers on an as-needed basis.

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