Online PhD in Management Degree Programs

Distance Learning Management and Leadership Doctorate Degree

Online PhD in management degrees and leadership doctorate programs prepares graduates for ethical and efficient careers as leaders in the business, education, and non-profit fields.

In the world of business, management and leadership is a hot topic. Potential leaders are expected to have traits such as: integrity, sound judgment, diplomacy, adaptability, strong communication, good listening skills and influence.

An online PhD in Management program will not magically transform you into the next star CEO, but will impart concepts and techniques needed to help you understand real world management concerns in areas such as operations, supply chain, leadership and strategic issues. You will use what you learn to make better management decisions.

You will understand how to create environments that nurture cooperative teams within your organization, as well as develop future leaders. As part of the PhD program, you will also design and carry out research of issues or topics related to management and leadership.

By studying the impact of management on not only the organization, but also individuals and society, the PhD program will prepare you to meet the challenges in your career. When you graduate, you will be able to make an impact on society as you use your skills to shape organizations.

Featured Colleges with Online Doctorates in Management & Leadership

Walden University offers the following online PhD in management degree programs.

  • PhD in Management - General
  • PhD in Management - Accounting
  • PhD in Management - Engineering Management
  • PhD in Management - Finance
  • PhD in Management - Learning Management
  • PhD in Management - Operations Research
  • PhD in Management - Self-Designed
  • PhD in Management - Finance - Course-based
  • PhD in Management - Human Resource Management - Course-based
  • PhD in Management - Information Systems Management
  • PhD in Management - Information Systems Management - Course-based
  • PhD in Management - Knowledge Management
  • PhD in Management - Leadership & Organizational Change
  • PhD in Management - Leadership & Organizational Change - Course-based

University of Phoenix offers the following online doctorate in management programs.

  • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership
  • Doctor of Management in Information Systems and Technology

Northcentral University offers the following management doctorate programs through distance learning.

  • DBA - Management
  • DBA - Management Information Systems
  • DBA - Management of Engineering and Technology
  • PhD in Business Administration - Management

Argosy University - offers the following doctorate degree online:

  • Doctor of Business Administration - Management

Colorado Technical University - their online doctorate programs include the following:

  • Doctor of Management

Who is the program designed for?

Not all business leaders have advanced degrees. Many of them developed the essential leadership traits through years of hard work, as well as trial-and-error. An online PhD in Management or Leadership, though, is ideal for mid-career professionals interested in refreshing their commitment to being effective and ethical leaders.

Those with current leadership experience will have the best experience with a PhD program. Students will be able to bring their practical experiences to the classroom, as well as apply new techniques as they are learned. Students in the PhD program, however, should be ready to challenge the status quo and question many aspects of organizational leadership. The research aspect of the PhD program requires them to think creatively about issues they face each day in their career, and propose alternative models for advancing the organization and profession.

Accreditation and specializations

Accreditation of an online PhD in Management or Leadership program ensures that you receive a quality education and your degree will be well regarded by potential employers. Look for a program that is accredited by a national organization such as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Some programs are designed in a cohort fashion, which means that you will work with the same classmates throughout the entire program. This enables you to form strong professional and personal relationship with other management professionals, as well as develop a wide network of peers.

Specializations for the PhD in Management and Leadership include: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, Leadership and Organizational Change, Operations Research etc

Careers with a Doctoral Degree in Management and Leadership

PhD holders in management and leadership generally continue researching major strategic issues in the university atmosphere, and as such pursue positions as professors or post-secondary researchers. In addition, Ph.D. in management graduates also have the opportunity to work in leadership positions, such as chief sustainability officer, general and operations manager and administrative services manager or work with top consulting firms where they can perform research or provide strategies for lower-tier consultants.

Top executives, the highest level of leadership achievement, come in many forms. They have varied titles, such as chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), president, vice president, or mayor. The responsibilities differ with the organization and the field of specialty, but they are all ultimately responsible for the efficient functioning of their organizations.

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