Online Special Education Masters Degree Programs

Masters in special education teaching by distance learning

Earning an online special education masters degree is a great way to prepare yourself for a teaching position in special education.

A master degree in special education provides you with the skills to identify special needs students, and the techniques and methodologies to effectively work with them.

Many states require special education certification in order to work with special needs students, and a master in special education online degree is a great way to prepare for that certification process.

You can choose from a master degree in special education program with early childhood or K-12 specializations, and start your new career as a special education teacher.

Who Should Earn a Masters Degree in Special Education?

Students with learning disabilities or physical handicaps can be challenging to manage in a classroom setting. Educators who are interested in earning an online special education masters degree must be prepared for the challenges of working with these groups. You must be patient and compassionate, and be prepared to learn specialized techniques for identifying and interacting with special education students.

Featured Colleges offering Online Masters Degrees in Special Education

Walden university

  • M.S. in Education - Special Education (Non-Licensure) (Grades K-12)
  • Special Education Endorsement Programs - Emotional Behavioral Disorders (K-12)
  • Special Education Endorsement Programs - Learning Disabilties (K-12)

Grand Canyon University

  • Masters in Special Education(IR/Non-Credential)
  • Masters in Special Education (Non-IR)
  • Masters in Special Education for Certified Special Educators (Non-IR)

University of Phoenix

  • Master in Education - Special Education
  • Special Education Certificate

Liberty University

  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Special Education
  • Masters in Education - Teaching and Learning - Special Education

Special Education Program for Early Childhood Educators

Online special education degrees focusing on early childhood educators are designed to give pre-school and early child care providers the skills to identify and work with special needs students. Emphasis is placed on identifying special needs, and early intervention techniques to help young children manage their disabilities.

This is an extremely helpful skill set for educators who work in pre schools, as well as child care providers who want to work one-on-one with special education students, such as in a private childcare nanny or au pair capacity. You'll learn activities and daily routines designed to help identify children who have special needs, and to engage these young children in ways that will help manage their disabilities.

Master Degree in Special Education for K-12

The online special education masters degree for grades K through 12 includes material to help you identify special needs students, but focuses more on effective teaching techniques and managing these students in a variety of settings. The focuses of these programs include behavior management, social skills training, language acquisition and managing these students in public and private, urban and suburban settings.

The masters degree in special education for K-12 educators also includes legal and ethical aspects associated with students with disabilities. Education systems often have very specific requirements or legal responsibilities to special needs students, and k-12 educators must understand and incorporate these requirements into their every-day curriculum and student management techniques.

Special Education Licensure Requirements

Every state has its own educational licensure requirements, but most states require a special education-specific license for working with special education students. Some states have even more specific licensure requirements, including specifying the grade level you can work with or the types of disabilities you're capable of handling. Make sure the master degree in special education online program that you choose provides you with the skills to meet licensing and certification requirements.

Careers Working in Special Education

Special education instructors can choose from a variety of work environments. Both public and private schools employ special education teachers, and the majority of people who earn a campus or masters degree online in special education go on to teach in either early childhood settings, or K-12 settings. Some graduates go on to research and academic careers, creating the techniques used to identify and work with special needs students.

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