Online Organizational Management Degree Programs

An online organizational management degree can lead you to a successful career in management in any type of organization.

Organizational managers make sure work groups function efficiently. They maintain employee satisfaction, develop employee skills, manage projects and manage human resources among other management functions. Degree programs in organizational management help managers develop leadership skills and further their understanding of how organizations function.

You can earn an organizational management education at the bachelor, master or PhD level, attending online or a campus-based program.

Featured Colleges with Online Organizational Management Programs

Walden University

  • B.S. in Communication - Organizational Communication
  • M.S. in Human Resource Management - Organizational Strategy
  • Masters in Psychology - Organizational Psychology
  • Masters in Psychology - Organizational Psychology & Nonprofit Management
  • Ph.D. in Management - Leadership & Organizational Change
  • Ph.D. in Management - Leadership & Organizational Change - Course-based
  • Ph.D. in Psychology - Organizational Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration - Public Management and Leadership

University of Phoenix

  • B.S. in Business/Organizational Innovation
  • B.S. in Organizational Security and Management
  • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Northcentral University

  • MEd - Organizational Leadership
  • MAPsy - Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • DBA - Organizational Leadership
  • DBA - Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Argosy University

  • Bachelors in Organizational Management (BS)
  • Bachelors in Psychology - Organizational Psychology concentration (BA)
  • Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology (MA)
  • Doctorate in Organizational Leadership (EdD)

Organizational Management Degree Options

When you study for a BA in organizational management you will examine the human side of managing organizations and learn about human resource management, communications, organizational and group behavior, ethics, decision making and skills development. You may also study languages or law enforcement administration.

A bachelors in organizational management could also be a business degree with a concentration in leadership, not for profit management, organizational development, or similar. You could also earn a bachelor of science in organizational security and management or in organizational communication.

In addition to general business courses, programs may cover topics such as international business, culture of organizations, innovation and technology, group process, and communication and decision making. Programs stress development of leadership and communication skills.

A masters degree specialization in organization and management is for those interested in pursuing management positions. The courses provide an overview of important business functions and skills, including marketing, finance, data analysis, and strategic planning, emphasizing the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to manage real-world business situations.

If you study for a PhD in management and organizational behavior you will have the opportunity to delve deeply into management areas that match your professional goals, such as organizational theory and practice, management strategies, IT management, and organizational leadership.

Organizational management degree programs may also include courses in supply chain and management, operational management and sales and marketing.

Career Opportunities in Organizational Management

You can find jobs in organizational management with nonprofit, religious, governmental, and business organizations. Such jobs include: management analysts, human resources directors, management consultants, store managers, bank managers, non profit managers, organizational security managers, manufacturing supervisors among other management positions.

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