Online PhD in Technology Degree Programs

Online PhD technology and computer science programs are designed for learners wishing to gain a terminal graduate degree in the rapidly growing computer and information technology (IT) field on a flexible schedule.

Accredited online doctoral technology programs have various focuses that include doctor of computer science, PhD in information technology, PhD in information technology management, PhD in Information Technology Project Management, Doctor of Management in Information Systems (MIS), PhD in information security and PhD in software engineering.

While job prospects are strong in each specialization, job opportunities vary significantly based on which concentration a student chooses.

Online Computer & Information Technology Doctoral Degree Specializations

PhD in Computer Science degrees are focused chiefly on designing software that addresses a variety of problems, including database management, artificial intelligence and other areas that require extensive coding to accomplish. Coursework also includes algorithmic and logical theories, and in some cases may include crossover mathematics classes.

PhD programs in information technology are less theory-oriented than computer science degree programs and focus more on designing and implementing medium to large scale. This includes choosing hardware and software to ensure reliability and connectivity as well as security of information transferred over the network.

A PhD in information security is related to the PhD in IT, but focuses on how to ensure that data transmitted within networks and to other systems is secure, and focuses on designing best practices for users of networks, as well as ensuring that hackers cannot gain access to sensitive data. Students learn how to test for security breaches before they happen, as well as database management techniques.

Featured Online Colleges offering PhD in Technology Degrees

Capella University

  • PhD - Information Assurance and Security
  • PhD - Information Technology Education
  • PhD - Information Technology Project Management
  • PhD - Information Technology Management

Northcentral University

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - Applied Computer Science
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - Computer and Information Security
  • PhD in Business Administration - Applied Computer Science
  • PhD in Business Administration - Computer and Information Security

Colorado Technical University

  • Doctorate Computer Science - Executive Format
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Digital Systems Security
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Emerging Media
  • Doctorate of Computer Science - Information Assurance
  • Doctorate Computer Science in Enterprise Information Systems - Executive Format

PhD in Computer and Information Technology Course Requirements

A bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science or related field is a minimum requirement at almost every program. However, most online doctorate technology programs require students to have an MBA, MSc in information technology or information systems management or other related masters degrees. Theses are the culminating projects of all computer and information technology doctorate degrees.

Job Opportunities and Salary Expectations with a Doctorate in Technology

The large number of technical degrees within the computer field means that there are a number of job opportunities, much more in government and private industry than in academia. Degree holders in informational technology and information security may work to research new networking design processes, or help manage extensive intranets at medium and large corporations.

All degrees, including the PhD in Computer Science, may be used to develop a career as a college professor, but computer science doctorates may also work in computational research. Salaries for computer network administrators average above $70,000, with additional compensation for higher educational achievement, while professors generally earn in excess of $50,000 depending on the institution.

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