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Online supply chain MBA program is a strategic operations MBA specialization that enables students who have completed a bachelor's degree program in business or a related field to specialize their experience in supply chain strategies and technologies, procurement and logistics issues.

Focusing on practices that minimize the cost to acquire materials needed for production, as well as minimize overhead, supply chain management MBA students learn how to manage purchasing and logistics in order to improve company finances, and will find work in medium and large companies where part of their work is to actively find the best suppliers and minimize the costs of procurement.

Coursework for supply chain management MBA program is often combined with global operations to give learners a well rounded company operations from a global perspective.

Featured Online Masters in Supply Chain Management Colleges

University of Liverpool

  • Masters in Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Oil and Gas)

Walden University

  • Masters of Information Systems Management - Managing Global Software & Service Supply Chains

Education and Training

Like other masters in business administration programs, online supply chain management MBA programs teach the basics of financing and accounting, as well as managing procurement employees. As learners focus on supply chain management, they learn frameworks of working with suppliers in a variety of countries. This includes methods of dealing with procurement issues, as well as making forecasts of potential increases and decreases in supply costs. This extends into managing the allocation of materials to different production facilities, as well as employment staffing relative to manufacturing needs. Electives allow students to flesh out areas of interest, but there is generally no capstone project requirement at the culmination of the degree program.

Career Options

Most supply chain career options are found in the manufacturing and production sector, where finding the lowest cost quality material is critical. Graduates with MBA in supply chain management may find work as purchasing managers or assist vice presidents of operations at manufacturers of a number of products. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the senior positions in this sector are designed for master's degree holders, dovetailing with experience within the industry a student desires.

The largest amount of career growth will be for purchasing managers and supply chain experts who can successfully navigate both the e-commerce and international markets. Again, advanced degrees are critical for work in large firms as well as employment by government agencies. Supply chain MBA graduates who reach top positions like directing operations departments may find income in excess of six figures, but buying agents generally make more than $50,000, with higher incomes for those with advanced degrees.

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