Associates in Electronic Technology

by Francis Tomblin
(Staten Island, NY, U.S.A)

Out of high school I wasn't sure what type of college I wanted to go to. Did I want to dorm at college or just stay home and work part time? Then I came across DeVry University. I talked to a counselor from there and he told me about the online college. I figured I would give it a try because it would give me time to work. Well I was 100% right.

The online classes were incredible. You could sign on whenever you get the time to and just complete some assignments. The teacher also interacted with you and the class so if you had any questions she/he would answer them, and if you wanted to talk to a professor personally usually they would be very friendly and either give you their phone number or their e-mail address. We also had group sessions where you can set up a microphone to your computer and you can even talk to your professor and the students in your class. The students were fun to talk to, and no one had to worry about being judged. We had online textbooks which were very easy to access and some of them even came free with the class.

The program I was in was great it took me a year and a half to get my associates degree in electronic technology and they even set me up with a job when I graduated. Online classes also helped me because it gave me some responsibility, for instance if I needed an assignment in by a certain date there would be no one reminding me to hand it in. I would recommend online classes for people that are strapped for time or have a family and have to work. Overall online classes helped me become not only a better student but a better person.

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