Online Computer Security Degree Programs

Online computer security degree programs are designed to impart skills on how to control access to computer systems in order to protect stored data.

Computer security professionals are responsible for the security of an organization's information. As technology crimes and cyber attacks become more frequent and more sophisticated, computer security knowledge and skills are in more demand.

Hence, computer information security is a critical aspect of most organizations because insufficient data and information security can result in enormous financial loss, information privacy breaches and legal liability.

Featured Colleges with Computer Security Degree Online Programs

Online degree programs provide the flexibility many students need to complete their degrees and advance in the field of computer information security. Following are some online colleges, universities, and technical institutes that offer online computer security degrees, information security, cyber security and computer forensics degrees:

Strayer University

  • Bachelor Computer Forensics Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - Cyber Security Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - Homeland Security Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Cyber Security Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Digital Forensics Technology
  • MSIS: Computer Security Management

Utica College

  • Bachelor's in Cybersecurity - Cybercrime Investigation and Forensics
  • Bachelor's in Cybersecurity - Information Assurance
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity - Computer Forensics
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity - Intelligence

Capella University

  • BS - Information Assurance and Security
  • MS - Information Assurance and Security
  • PhD - Information Security

DeVry University

  • Bachelors in Computer Information Systems - Information Systems Security
  • Bachelors in Computer Information Systems - Computer Forensics

Kaplan University

  • BS in Information Technology - Information Security and Forensics
  • MS in Information Technology - Information Security and Assurance

University of Phoenix

  • BS in Information Technology - Information System Security

University of Liverpool

  • Master of Science in Computer Security

What do you learn in the various degree levels?

Associate degree in computer and IT security - students learn to assess an organization's risk, document and implement security procedures, and check for security breaches. Graduates qualify for entry-level positions as computer or network security administrators or specialists.

Bachelor's degree in computer security - students learn the technical concepts of information systems security as well as the legal and social implications. They study methods of analyzing security and privacy issues and selecting techniques to minimize risks and respond to security breaches. Graduates may find jobs as IT managers, computer support specialists, or security systems administrators or officers.

Master's degree in information security - courses focus on topics such as enterprise security, security risk management, wireless security, and computer forensics. Graduates qualify for positions in security management or consulting.

Doctoral degree in computer information security - doctoral students advance their skills and conduct research aimed at contributing to the field of computer security. Their studies explore topics such as information confidentiality, integrity, governance, and compliance as well as risk management. Graduates are prepared for senior leadership positions, consulting work, or faculty positions in computer security. Information security online doctoral programs typically have some residency requirements.

Certification - information technology professionals who want to expand or document their skills in computer security can take certification exams from various certifying bodies. Certification demonstrates to employers that applicants possess a standard body of knowledge.

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