Doctor of Business Administration Online

by Scott

I have completed almost half of the course work towards my DBA degree with CSU. The courses follow a defined curriculum, and the textbooks are current and from some of the top textbook publishers.

The online assessments range from multiple choice questions to short essay answers. I can't speak to the undergraduate programs, but the doctoral program also requires case studies and article critiques in proper APA format, with resources from beyond the course materials. The assignments are challenging, but I have experienced more difficult course work in some of my master degree courses at a traditional B&M university. At the doctoral level, the challenges are often self-imposed; essentially you get out of the program what you put into it.

At this stage of my life, the completion of a doctorate degree will not impact my employment, so I'm completing it to fulfill an individual goal. The accreditation issue does not really affect me, as I have had the CSU program evaluated and it has been accepted as the equivalent of a PhD in Canada, so it meets my criteria. I would like to add that my undergrad degree was completed by distance learning at a fully accredited Canadian university and was accepted for admittance to one of the top brick and mortar universities in Canada.

I am currently the Program Director for an online degree program at the same university where I completed my undergrad degree, and find the CSU courses on par for content and academic rigour.

Distance education is not for everyone, but it serves a purpose and the entire process should not be discounted simply because it did not meet one's expectations.

You can request free information from Columbia Southern University to help you decide if online education is a good fit for you.

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