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An online masters in human services degree program is a great option for those who want to work in an administrative role, directly with individuals or at-risk populations, or want to assume more responsibility and managerial roles within their organizations.

A human services career calls for compassion and empathy to help at-risk populations such as drug addicts or people living in extreme poverty. Having a degree in human services may also involve working with the aging population. If you want to make a difference and help these individuals, online human services master degree programs can give you the skills and background you need.

Besides dealing directly with populations and individuals, a masters in human services online programs prepare learners for management positions in an organization.

Featured Colleges - Online Masters Degrees in Human Services

Liberty University

  • Master of Arts in Human Services - Business
  • Master of Arts in Human Services - Christian Ministries
  • Master of Arts in Human Services - Executive Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Human Services - Health and Wellness
  • Master of Arts in Human Services - Marriage and Family

Post University

  • M.S. in Human Services
  • M.S. in Human Services - Clinical Counseling
  • M.S. in Human Services - Program Administration
  • M.S. in Human Services - Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Education & Training

A human services education may provide a broad general skill set (general human services degree program) or may be specialized in areas such as non-profit management, gerontology or social and community services. Depending on the specialization you choose, coursework may include how to observe and interview patients, how to record and track information and how to implement treatments.

You may learn how to handle case management, the proper referral procedures among organizations and government programs, and how to identify and assist at-risk individuals and populations. Crisis intervention, conflict resolution, group dynamics and basic problem skills are essential courses if you expect to deal with some unusual, high-stress situations. Depending on the program, you may also learn about developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and ethics and legal issues.

An online graduate degree in human services may also equip learners with skills on how to examine and shape the development of human service policies and programs that play an important role in caring for vulnerable and at-risk populations. You'll learn to review human service social policy issues, such as privatization of welfare, the impact of immigration, trends in mental health care and often-debated topics of education.

Depending on the specialization within the online human services degree, and state of employment, human services employees may be required to get specific state licenses in addition to a campus or online human services degree program.

Master Degree in Human Services vs. a Master Degree in Social Work

An online master degree in human services and a master degree in social work are disciplines that lead graduates to careers in social services, and may include some shared core curriculum classes.

The primary difference is that an online human services degree provides curriculum and skills pertaining to a broad range of service careers, whereas a social work degree typically focuses on only one area or concentration. If you plan to become a social worker, you will find a Master's in Social Work (MSW) degree more helpful. If you prefer a more general approach to your education, online human services master degree programs might be a better choice for you.

Career Options and Salaries

After completing campus or an online graduate degree program in human services, you may:

  • Develop employee assistance programs;
  • Facilitate community involvement;
  • Explore organizational behavior and leadership issues;
  • Create and manage organizations that provide aid to at-risk populations.

Because human services degrees provide a more general focus, they prepare graduates for a wide range of career options, including:

  • Social work;
  • Case management;
  • Counseling;
  • Gerontology;
  • Community support and outreach;
  • Mental healthcare.

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