Online Doctorate in Nursing Programs

Accredited online doctorate in nursing programs are advanced nursing degree programs designed for current nurses who want to perform studies and work in upper-management positions in academic, social, governmental and healthcare facilities.

Online nursing PhD programs help learners become experts in their area of focus, perform research projects that inject new knowledge in health care systems, guide health policies and hone leadership skills in their area of expertise while maintaining the integrity of the nursing profession.

Like other PhD programs, an online doctorate in nursing degree includes a doctoral dissertation based on your original research and defense with the school's faculty.

Online Nursing PhD Programs Education

Those wishing to pursue online nursing PhD programs may join the program with a bachelors degree in nursing (BSN) or a masters degree in nursing (MSN). Often those with a BSN are required to take additional courses during the course of their online PhD in nursing program. Coursework may include statistics, population studies and risk factors, as well as the impact of organizational policies on health. As students progress in these programs, they will choose their own focus of research with the help of a faculty adviser, learning how to lead research teams and conduct inquiries. Most online nursing programs have a component for providing actual research studies and as well as residency.

Featured Colleges with Online Doctorate in Nursing

Capella University

  • DNP - Nursing Practice (CCNE-accredited)
  • PhD - Nursing Education

Walden University

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) - General

University of Phoenix

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing

Nursing Degrees - Job Opportunities

Nurses who complete an online nursing PhD program are be able to work in a number of arenas. They may conduct research on behalf of government agencies like the National Institutes of Health, conducting research on new treatment philosophies. Or they may find work in the upper echelons of a healthcare facility such as a hospital group. They may also provide clinical support to non-governmental organizations doing work with different cultures, or teach at the university level.

Career Growth and Salaries

The increased education generally leads to higher salaries and positions with higher responsibility in the nursing field. Job prospects depend on the doctorate in nursing specialization you pursue. However, the overall prognosis for nurses with advanced degrees is very good, with the field as a whole expanding much more rapidly than the rest of the job market.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that areas such as geriatric care will continue to find solid growth, and salaries can range to more than $90,000 depending on region for nurses in healthcare settings. The median salary for university researchers is roughly $70,000 and can extend upwards of $100,000.

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