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Online operations management MBA programs develop students' abilities to synchronize a business operation using data to create effective models of growth as well as impart skills on standard management, financial techniques and oversee supply chains and manufacturing processes.

Operations management is a still growing sector that primarily deals with designing and managing a company's products or services, the business processes as well as the supply chain management.

It focuses on minimizing the costs to a business by streamlining acquisitions, production costs and maintaining controls of resources to ensure business operations are both efficient and effective and that products and services meet the customer's expectations.

Featured Universities with Online Masters in Operations Management

Capella University

  • MBA - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

American Intercontinental University (AIU)

  • Masters in Operations Management

University of Liverpool

  • Masters in Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Oil and Gas)

Education and Training

Operations Management MBA students generally require a bachelor's degree in a related business field such as management or business operations. Students undertaking masters in operation management degree learn about the various aspects of procuring and manufacturing in order to understand the various points of the supply chain and the operations. This includes coursework in global sourcing of materials and employees in order to minimize costs, as well as streamlining manufacturing operations.

Learners may also acquire knowledge on Performance Measurement Systems - Lean Operations, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma and core courses and electives such as: Supply Chain Management, Service Operations, Innovation and Environmental issues. Case studies and other specific instances are used to help students understand real-world decision making needs. The operations management MBA coursework may have elective capstone projects where MBA students learn how to implement the skills of supply chain and process management.

Career Options and Salary Growth

Those who graduate with a masters degree in operations management may find positions at various levels of operations and manufacturing in medium and large companies, with time in the field critical for increased growth. They may also find work in operational research analysis - the gathering of data that helps companies forecast their manufacturing and production needs. In both cases, a master's degree in a related field is critical for growth, due to the strategic level of operations decisions and their impact on a firm's bottom line.

The pinnacle of the operations management field would be as the CEO of a manufacturer or firm involved in production. Along the way, graduates with masters in operations management may find positions as product managers, or as industrial production managers. The latter position offers salaries of roughly $80,000 and up, and competition in the field among lower degree holders is strong in industrial production. Those with experience in operations management and more education to save money will find the best prospects for employment.

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