Online Bachelors of Engineering Programs

Online bachelor degree in engineering programs offers different focuses such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering among other engineering specialties.

Students learn how to solve problems and put materials together in designs that solve problems using math, science, lab experiments, logic and problem solving skills. Additional training involves using state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated computer software to produce and study designs, simulate machines and test systems.

The following accredited online USA colleges and universities offer bachelors degrees in engineering with different focuses: software engineering, engineering technology and other engineering related bachelor degree programs.

Featured Online Colleges

DeVry University

  • Bachelors in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering Technology

Colorado Technical University

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Software Systems Engineering

University of Phoenix

  • Bachelors in IT - Software Engineering


Coursework varies for most programs resulting in a bachelor of science in engineering degree. However, a base of math and science classes are critical for most programs. Students may then focus on electives that allow them to specialize in a certain field, such as an online computer engineering bachelor's degree. Additional coursework may focus on technical writing for graduates to help communicate developments to others, as well as co-operative programs for on-the-job experience. Additional classes on patent work and legal regulations are also possible.

Career Options

Engineering graduates generally focus on the type of work that matches their specialization, whether it be electronic, computer, mechanical or civil. However, they may be doing work in a number of different sectors, including private firms as well as consulting for public agencies. An electrical engineer may be hired by the local government to help inspect houses for code issues. A civil engineer may help design the roadways around housing developments, while software and electronics engineers may develop the next video game system.

Salary Expectations

Career growth for most engineering graduates is strong because of the vast need for highly skilled workers who can design solutions. In addition, the fields are generally well-paying, with entry-level engineering positions generally offering salaries above $50,000, and income ranging to more than $125,000 in high-need niches like biomedical engineering. Similar salaries are reported for those who move into management positions, overseeing other engineers in product development and other needs.

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