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Taking a public health degree online program allows you to continue working while you further your education.

A professional in public health has many options for doing work that will help improve the lives and health of individuals and communities.

An associate degree in public health equips learners with skills for entry level positions in public health and health services administration professions, while a masters or PhD in public health is geared towards those seeking leadership or managerial positions in organizations, all in an effort to influence public health policies, promote wellness, prevent diseases and promote the health of the affected communities.

With increasing concern about pandemics, environmental crisis and transmittable diseases, there is greater focus on public health around the world.

Specialization programs in public health education

Many different degrees in public health qualify graduates to work in public health fields. Some popular degrees in public health that graduates pursue include:

  • MPH - Master of Public Health
  • MSPH - Master of Science in Public Health
  • MHA - Master of Health Administration
  • DrPH - Doctor of Public Health
  • PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

A typical masters of public health degree or MPH degree program includes coursework in administration, epidemiology, environmental health, biostatistics and behavioral health. Beyond that, you may choose specialized classes. The majority of students complete the degree in one to two years. Online public health degrees are available only at the masters and Phd level.

If you have a graduate degree in a related field such as nursing, public policy, business, social work, nutrition, dentistry or medicine you may qualify for an accelerated masters of public health degree. You will learn how to apply the principles of public health to your profession.

If considering a degree in public health online

While some online public health degree programs work on a semester system, others have frequent start dates. Many are 100% online, which means you never have to travel to campus. Others require campus attendance for up to 20% of the coursework. Students can generally complete an MPH online in three years if taking classes part-time.

Public health is a dynamic field. Taking a public health program online means you can benefit from the latest research and newest theories because you are learning in real-time. When you study for your degree by distance learning, you don't have to wait for research to be published to learn the latest in your field.

Featured Colleges that offer Public Health Degree Online Programs

Walden University

  • Bachelors in Public Health - Child Development
  • Bachelors in Public Health - Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Bachelors in Public Health - General
  • Bachelors in Public Health - Health Communication
  • Bachelors in Public Health - Health Informatics
  • Bachelors in Public Health - Health Management
  • Bachelors in Public Health - Health Psychology and Behavior
  • Bachelors in Public Health - Health and Cultural Diversity
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • PhD in Public Health - Epidemiology
  • PhD in Human Services - Public Health

Capella University

  • Master of Science (MS) in Public Health - General
  • Master of Science (MS) in Public Health - Management and Policy
  • Master of Science (MS) in Public Health - Social and Behavioral Sciences

University of Liverpool

  • Master of Science in Public Health - General
  • Master of Science in Public Health - International
  • Master of Science in Public Health - Management of Health Systems

Career Opportunities in Public Health

Job titles and salaries for people with degrees in public health vary greatly according to education, interests, experience and employers. A survey of public health graduates conducted by the American Society of Public Health reported the following job titles and salary ranges within one year after graduation:

  • Health Services Administrator -- $37,000 - $161,000
  • Biostatistician -- $33,000 - $63,000
  • Epidemiologist -- $38,000 - $136,237
  • Health Educator -- $33,000 - $86,000

A public health degree will expand your opportunities to work on some of the world's biggest health problems, including poverty, pollution, health and nutrition. A graduate degree will give you a competitive edge in employment in public health.

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